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Leading norwegian punk band from 1979 - 1980. Kollaps lasted for slightly more than 12 months, but made a huge impression on the first generation punk scene in Oslo. Started after the legendary Buzzcocks concert in Oslo in 1979. Stein Ramberg and Dag Krogsvold met Harald Fossberg (Hærverk and Turboneger) for the first time and he suggested the name "Kollaps" as a great band name, and put Stein Ramberg (guitar) in contact with Ola Schjerve (vocal). Dag Krogsvold (bass) and Jørgen Grann (drums) joined later. After a few months rehearsal, Kollaps hit Oslo´s punk scene hard with self-made compositions performed with great power, intensity and skill. Stein Ramberg was an outstanding guitarist. Stein Ramberg composed all of Kollaps material, and the lyrics was provided by several among other the punk poets Gene Dalby and Knut Inge Nordhøy (1951 - 2017), and also fanzine writer Trygve Mathiesen wrote lyrics as well as band members Dag Krogsvold and Ola Schjerve.

Kollaps was a lot younger than the other bands on the scene (Hærverk, Oslo Børs, Kjøtt) but played gigs together with all of them. Kollaps was the band to play most on the legendary punk club "Lysthuset". Kollaps split in 1980 (right after Harald Fossberg had joined briefly on vocal). Stein Ramberg then joined Saturday Cowboys, and later Divin Ducks. Dag Krogsvold formed A Technicolor Dream, and later founded the independent record label Voices of Wonder Records who later changed name to Voices Music & Entertainment AS. Ola Schjerve and Jørgen Grann formed Doomwatch. Due to young age and lack of funds Kollaps never released on vinyl, but a recording was made in the rehearsal studio and released as MC on Curious Tapes in 1980. This recording was digitalised by Morten Lund at Master-Huset in 2002, and remastered by Dag Krogsvold in 2017.